Recent IFRS Engagements

Since late 2007 Chris Boland Professional Corporation has provided extensive IFRS consulting services and training seminars to over 70 entities:

13 Sep 10
  • International Hotel Chain (Toronto, Ontario).
  • Canadian Standards Association (Toronto, Ontario).
  • Pharma & Technology Corporation (Ottawa, Ontario).
  • Mining Venture Exchange Companies.
  • Publicly Traded Oil & Gas Companies.
  • Publicly Traded Real Estate Investment Trust entities.
  • Publicly Traded Zinc Processing Company.
  • Canada Post Corporation.
  • Alberta School Employee Benefit Plan.
  • Insurance Entities.
  • Canadian Museum of Civilization Corporation.
  • Entertainment Corporation.
  • CPA and CA Firms in Canada an U.S.A.
  • Mutual Funds.
  • Investment Entities.
  • Manufacturing Entities.
  • Defence Entities.
  • Hardware & Software Entities.



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